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images bowen mills cider mill

The goal of the second generation owners of the Mill is the same as their parent's before them, to continue not only to preserve the history of the area of Yankee Springs, but to portray an image in the minds and eyes of all those who visit there; to give each one who visits a glimpse of the past, with the sights, sounds, and smells of the history that lies behind us, so that this generation can see and feel what those before us experienced, once upon a time. They can be found at both their website and Facebook pages for more information. RSS Feed. The restorations and upkeep depend upon It's Cider Time Festival gate fees, special events and donations. Around the mill was sold to Neal and Helen Engle. The Mill and surrounding area soon became known as "Bowens Mills". See an image you like? Their primary use of it was to use its property to raise pickles on its acreage, doing so for about four seasons.

  • Historic Bowens Mills Years of Michigan History SUSAN TREGONING PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Cider time at Bowens Mills
  • Historic Bowens Mills
  • Bowens Mills Cider Pressing Demonstration
  • Cider Time Festivals Bowens Mills

  • A 19 acre historical park that includes an grist mill and cider mill. Historic Bowens Mills ~ Weddings for a Lifetime ~ Where Dreams Become Reality! Historic.

    Historic Bowens Mills Years of Michigan History SUSAN TREGONING PHOTOGRAPHY

    Cider Pressing and Cornmeal Grinding Throughout the Day ~. The First Cider Pressing of the Season as Bowens Mills resurrect a 19th- century water powered cider press located in an old mill near Middleville, Michigan.
    When it did, it would mean all the more people would be settling along its path. Thank you for your support in helping us preserve history for future generations. The ingredients of real apple cider are simple: apples. Learn more.

    Cider time at Bowens Mills

    Bowens Mills had become famous for it buckwheat flour and old-timers tell of how in the fall, the horses and wagons were backed all through town with their loads of apples - waiting their turn at the cider press.

    images bowen mills cider mill
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    Family friendly outing The Bowens Mills cider mill has increased dramatically in popularity over the years, since a visit here is fun and educational.

    Visit the antique apple cider press that sits ready for another fall apple season.

    Video: Bowen mills cider mill Cornmeal Grinding Bowens Mills

    Others draw energy and inspiration from the outdoor experience. As the celebration of the harvest season and a place in time, begins at Bowens Mills "Cider Time Festivals" with old time family fun.

    Historic Bowens Mills

    Add to. When it became harvest time, the Engles hired migrant workers to help and the old mill became home to as many as 30 Mexicans for several weeks each year. The mill was left teetering on the two short foundation walls which were still intact.

    Bowens Mills Weddings offers Beautiful venue that seats with of a horse drawn ride with belgian draft horses in the ambiance of the historic cider mill.

    images bowen mills cider mill

    BOWENS MILLS CIDER SUNDAYS! water-powered cider press, stone ground corn grinding demonstrations on the huge mill stones, Pioneer.

    Bowens Mills Cider Pressing Demonstration

    Step back in time with a visit to Historic Bowens Mills a 19 acre living history The grist mill and cider mill still grinds and sells fresh cornmeal.
    Lanson Kieney in and Mark and Mary Richie bought the property about a year later, owning it until when Elam and Minnie Norris Springer purchased it.

    In the winter of disaster struck again. It is a working museum that still grinds and sells fresh corn meal through the use of water-powered mill stones. Once again, old photos reveal what an awesome job the repairs would entail.

    Cider Time Festivals Bowens Mills

    In the fall of Neal and Marion Cook bought the mill and began the restoration project. More and more People were coming to the area and lumber was in great demand for their homes.

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    The mill had set more or less idle for over 30 years, the water power and grindstones had not been used for nearly 40 years, some of the foundations were crumbling, various timbers were decaying and time had taken its toll.

    images bowen mills cider mill
    Historic Bowens Mills.

    Bring your family for a tour of the cider making process. Four families bought the mill from the Engles in My Top Videos Play all AboutNathan Barlow, a lawyer, purchased some land which included the sawmill.

    images bowen mills cider mill

    The Barlows also built the house on the east side of the old Mill Pond.